“The sound is fat and crisp, the production pristine. In fact, kudos must be given to producer Bret Batterman, who has provided the entire record with incredible sonic clarity, making it a pleasure to listen to.”The Progressive Aspect

22 tracks off the floor, everyone at once; no funny business!

After connecting at the 2020 Winter Walkabout Music Showcase over our love of Jazz Fusion, Joey and I decided to produce an album of his music together.  If Joey provided the band, I would make the recording.  The fruit borne from this collaboration surpassed both our expectations. 
This album is the culmination of multiple years of practice and dedication to music and engineering; honing and developing my skills.  I am exceedingly proud of the band and the production.  Listen below or anywhere you stream music!

Pictured from left to right:  Jeff Jenkins (keys), Andres Orco (guitar), Nate Marsh (bass), Joey Blunk (trumpet),
Michael D’Angelo (drums), and Rhiannon Dewey (tenor sax)

Katana – An energetic tune with an infectious popular melody and rock solid solos.  The electric rhythm section delivers comping that elevates each musical statement’s energy and journey.  Frantic yet precise drums are paired with strong tonal themes to convey the grace, agility and power of a samurai sword slicing through the battlefield.


Bigfoot Meter The tune begins with pulsing synthesizer punctuated by blasts of bass and guitar.  The acoustic melody arrives starkly contrasted to the metal-inspired backing jud-juds of the rhythm section.  Once the head is complete, tension is released by sanguin sax and bass solos.  The lullaby complete, the electric guitar kicks in the door with a flaming tone reminiscent of Al Di Meola.  Moving on to the ending soli section, the sax, trumpet and synth help paint the picture of Sasquatch striding in the open wilderness under a star-filled sky.


Talk is Cheap
– Putting it on front street, musicianly endeavors are a hustle and everyone has something to say.  The high and tight hip-hop feel help you feel the hardness of the grind.  The fits and starts, twists and turns let you know here today, gone tomorrow.  Just because I told you last week means nothing this week.  It’s all a part of the game, and it can leave you feeling as dry as the final synth chord.


– Starting big, you can feel the heat being turned up.  Swirling riffs and syncopated rhythms let you know that you’re in for a ride.  Once the head sets the tone, you ride three keyboards through a twisting solo building in intensity until the horns explode at the top like fireworks.  Sometimes, you fly too close to the sun and need time to get rollin again with a funky groove.  Putting the final char on the dish is needed though, the final sizzle!


Broken Promises
– While staying optimistic, reality asserts itself plainly.  Every instrument gets to play their version of the refrain that returns throughout this piece.  With impressive dueling synth and guitar solos, we can feel the excitement of collaboration.  But even after attaining such heights together, we are only human, and a return to the broken promises of yesterday is inevitable, no matter how we wail against it with our affected trumpet.


Under The Same Stars
– The universe is a big place and it feels bigger when you understand that on Earth, we’re all together.  Journey on the Starship of the Imagination, passing by astronomical objects and fascinations all while having your emotions lifted by the melodic content of this spacious piece.  Whether passing the rings of Saturn, docking at a busy spaceport, or landing on our home world; this music is universal.  It’ll take you places!

Here’s an interview about Bigfoot Meter that Joey and I did in early 2023. We discuss producing the album together, how we came up with the idea, and how thrilled we were with the end product.