“Bret is a joy to work with not only because he is extremely skilled and talented, but because he is so pleasant and easy to work with.  This is a fantastic quality to have, and made my work that much easier as the performer.  I felt absolutely supported and understood.”

Jason S Little
Stella Adler School of Acting/Tits Fisher with Kitten's Kiss

“Working with Bret at Pajama Room Studio was fantastic. He helped me complete a full length album, after several frustrating experiences with studios. Bret was always prepared & meticulously organized. He was consistently able to strike the balance between fostering creativity, while keeping the project on track. Bret's enthusiasm & rich knowledge in all things audio really brought out the best in the project.”

Seeno Merobshoev
Independent Music Producer/Seeno
"Bret has a winning attitude that embraces all challenges and encourages collaboration. The phrase “team player” is often overused, but Bret is truly that. He has great curiosity about people and ideas, and plenty of common sense that he has applied in solving many problems at the Willard hotel. In addition, he has demonstrated excellent technical ability and customer service for our very demanding clients. The Willard clients are primarily high ranked officials and Fortune 500 executives; Bret was able to handle these clients and executed their events impeccably."
Yusuf Sediqi
Director of Event Technology, PSAV, The Willard Intercontinential
"Bret is a great Audio Video technician. Every time I have had the pleasure of working with Bret, he has shown his technical expertise while always maintaining a great positive attitude. Bret excels at audio production; from recording to reproduction he is capable of providing the insight and know how to make any project happen."
Jayson Collins
Freelance Video Technician