Freelance Engineer                                                                                                      January 2004 – Present

The Pajama Room, Longmont CO
Owner and operator for all facets of studio operation. Cultivating a client base, client relations and promotion. Session setup and strike, tracking and mixing, producing and publishing, duplication and transcription.
Utilizing Pro Tools 10.2, Reason 4.0, Adobe Audition 3.0, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Windows 7 and XP.

Event Technology Specialist                                                                                         August 2008-January 2012                                    
The Westin Denver Downtown; Denver CO                                                                May 2011 – January 2012
The Marriott Wardman Park, Washington DC                                                             January 2010 – April 2011
The Willard Intercontinental, Washington DC                                                              August 2008 – December 2009
Setup and teardown of all audio/visual equipment for events, including projectors, large sound amplification systems, wireless microphones, video switching, fast-fold screens and hard set staging, rigging, networking, CD and DVD recorders, camera operation, lighting, clearcom, cable, etc. Operation of equipment during meetings and productions, interaction with event planners and clients to ensure the success of their events. Clientele included 3 US Presidents, 2 first ladies, numerous cabinet, military and diplomatic officials, UAW, CPAC, The Energy Star Awards, and many trade conventions.
Utilizing Microsoft Office, SIA Smaart, Shure Wireless Workbench, JBL VRX and Vertec Line Array Calculators, Mac and PC.

– Audio:
Yamaha M7, Yamaha PM1D, Yamaha 01v, Midas Venice, Midas Verona, Mackie Onyx Consoles, Mackie VLZ Consoles,
Shure Wireless Microphones, Sennheiser Wireless Microphones, Ashly Processing, Klark Teknik Processing, DBX dynamic processors, Presonus ACP-88, DBX Driverack, BSS Signal Processing, Crown Amplifiers, Mackie Powered Speakers, EV Powered Speakers, EAW speakers, JBL Vertec Line Array Speakers, JBL VRX Line Array Speakers, ClearCom, Telex Com.
– Video:
Christie Projectors, NEC projectors, Panasonic Projectors, Epson Projectors, Eiki Projectors, NEC Plasma Screens,    Barco ImagePRO I & II, Barco ScreenPRO I & II, Video Distribution Amplifiers. Sony CCU and Projection Control, Broadcast Cameras and Tripods.
– Lighting:
ETC Consoles, Leprechaun Consoles, HOG Consoles, Large and Small Dimmers, Leko Instruments, LED Colorblasts.
– Networking:
VRS Systems, Wireless Network Administration, Cisco and Linksys Routers and Switches, Laptop Wireless Adapters.
– Rigging:
Alum-a-Locks, Ground Supported and Flown Large and Small Box Truss, Projector Cages,
Screen and Line Array Attachment.

Audio Engineer                                                                                                           May 2007-July 2008
The Zipper Theater, New York, NY
Care and maintenance of all sound equipment, including acoustical layout. Production Sound Engineer for all events at the theater including burlesque, dramatic and musical theater, comedy, popular bands, and independent productions including Margret Cho’s Sensuous Woman . Artist collaboration, sound design around the constraints of the theater. 
Midas Venice 240, Yamaha SPX 2000 Effects Processor, Lexicon PCM70, Ashly Equalizers, DBX 1066, Crown Amplifiers, EAW Speakers, JBL Speakers, NEXO Speakers, Shure Microphones, AKG Microphones.

Production Sound Engineer                                                                                       September 2006-July 2008
Martian Entertainment, LLC, New York NY
Production Sound Engineer for performances of the Off-Broadway shows, Altar Boyz and BASH’D. Set up and tear down of all microphones and production sound equipment nightly.
Midas Heritage 3000, Yamaha 01V, Shure Wireless Microphone Kits, DPA Microphones, TC Electronic M3000

Technical Consultant                                                                                                  October 2005-May 2007
WCGH 88.1fm, Coler-Goldwater Radio, Roosevelt Island NY
Producer for the radio station in Coler-Goldwater Hospital as a part of therapeutic recreation. Production of station imaging, on air programs, daily news production, technical maintenance and studio design, library supervision, clerical work, etc.
Utilizing Sony Sound Forge, Sony Acid, Sony Vegas, AP Web Interface, Serato Scratch
Yamaha 01V, Mackie Onyx 1620, Electro-voice Microphones, Mackie SRM 450 Powered Speakers

Studio Assistant                                                                                                         June 2005-November 2005
Sear Sound, New York NY
Constant interaction with high profile studio clients, artists, and celebrities. Studio setup and tear down, microphone placement, signal flow, acoustics, audio equipment design, technical maintenance, clerical work, answering phones, daily studio maintenance.
Utilizing Pro Tools 6.9 and  OS X.  
Neve 8038 Flying Faders Custom Console, Sear-Avalon Flying Faders Custom Console, Studio A Equipment, Studio C Equipment

Studio Assistant                                                                                                          June 2002-June 2004
Downtown Studios, Stockton CA
Assisted in the daily operations of the studio and office including answering phones, filing, copies, runner, etc.  Helped in the construction of the acoustically controlled rooms, wiring of the studio, installation of the recording console.   Set up and tear down of sessions, as well as session assistant to the engineer. 
Utilizing Pro Tools 6.4 and Mac OS 9.     Console: Sound Workshop Series 34C

Production & Programming Assistant                                                                          June 2001-September 2004
Clear Channel Broadcasting, Modesto CA
Production – Assistant to the Production Director, Creation of on-air commercials, station promotional spots, artist ID’s, station imaging, etc.  Significant work with Pro Tools 5.1, Cool Edit Pro 1.0 & 2.0, Adobe Audition 1.0, Audio Wizard for Windows, Prophet System.
Programming – On-Air DJ for KOSO B93.1fm for 3 years.  Fully trained on Radio Systems Millennium Console.  Constant listener interaction over the phone, as well as in public at station events.  Event Planning and Hosting/MC of station events, ie; Movie Openings, Music Festivals, Night Club Live Remotes, Ticket Stops, Concerts.

Music Director and Production Director                                                                       February 2000-June 2002
KCSS 91.9 FM, Turlock CA
On-Air DJ for 4 years. Answering phones, keeping up weekly reporting charts for all formats, studio maintenance, production work (i.e., commercials, promotional spots, interviews, audio editing), Maintaining email and phone correspondence with record companies, industry personnel and artists, teaching and supervising incoming and current broadcasters, electrical engineering. Took the station to 24 hours with automation.

ProTools100, 200, 210M             SIA Smaart              t.c. electronics M3000
t.c. electronics S6000            Antares Auto-Tune 4


California State University, Stanislaus                                         Turlock CA
Bachelor of Arts; Philosophy             August 1999-June 2004                     Cumulative GPA: 3.51
Course Work
ART 1000: Introduction to Studio Art                        ASTR 2100: Descriptive Astronomy                 ASTR 2112: Astronomy Laboratory
ASTR 3000: Contemporary Astronomy                    BIOL 2310: Human Genetics                           COMM 2110: Group Discussion
ENGL 1001: First-Year Composition                        ENGL 3510: Foreign Films                              HIST 1010: World Civilizations I
HIST 1020: World Civilizations II                              HIST 3640: Contemporary America                  HUM 3000: Exploration in Humanities
JOUR 3112: Radio Production Laboratory                MATH 1000: Excursions into Mathematics        MUS 2150: Intro to Music Tech
MUS 2160: Computers in Sound Synthesis             MUS 2410: Concert Chorale                             MUS 2480: Jazz Ensemble
MUS 3410: History of Jazz                                     MUS 3500: Audio Recording                            PHED 1010: Backpacking
PHIL 1010: Introduction to Philosophy                     PHIL 2000: Philosophical Inquiry                      PHIL 2100: Logic
PHIL 2200: Ancient Philosophy                               PHIL 2230: Modern Philosophy                        PHIL 3000: Philosophical Reading/Analysis
PHIL 3050: Existentialism                                      PHIL 3300: Theory of Knowledge                      PHIL 3100: Intro to Continental Philosophy
PHIL 3400: Ethics                                                 PHIL 3500: Philosophy of Mind                         PHIL 4150: Cognitive Phenomenology
PHIL 4260: 20th Century Philosophy                       PHIL 4450: Eastern Philosophy                        PHIL 4500: Philosophy of Art
PSCI 1201: American Government                          PSCI 3055: Marx on the Human Condition         PSYC 1000: Sexual Behavior
PSYC 2010: Introduction to Psychology                  PHIL 4200: Advanced Study in History of Philosophy: Nietzsche
PHIL 4200: Advanced Study in History of Philosophy: Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason

  • Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences                            Tempe/Gilbert AZ
    Master Recording Program II           September 2004-May 2005                  Cumulative GPA: 4.0

Course Work
Audio Recording and Production
– Basic Principles of Sound – In-Depth Study of Signal Flow – Basic Recording Labs – Microphones & Microphone Placement  
-Overdubbing and Mixing Clinics  – Critical Listening – Advanced Recording and Production Procedure   – Time Based Processor Method – Dynamics Processor Application      – Audio Recording Techniques for Film and Television   – Surround Sound Recording and Mixing Techniques – Commercial Production

Digital Recording/MIDI
– MIDI Basics   – Fundamentals of Digital Audio – Synchronization Systems  – Digital Studio System Configuration – Computer Based Audio Applications and Compatibility Issues – Digital Techniques Integration for Audio

Live Sound Reinforcement
– Introduction to Live Sound – Signal Distribution – Live Mixing Consoles          – Signal Processing  – Large Speaker Arrays – SIA Smaart Analysis software

Troubleshooting & Maintenance
– Basic Electronics             – Soldering Techniques            – Test Equipment

Music Business
– Music Business Overview – Publishing   – The Record Industry  – Legal Matters of the Industry  – Studio Ownership  – Advertising   – The Studio Business – Record Label Workings

Equipment Studied
Consoles: Neotek Elite, Neve VR, SSL 4056G+, Soundcraft Spirit, Yamaha PM1D, Focusrite Control24
Recorders: Otari MTR-90, Studer A-827, Alesis HD24, Alesis Masterlink, Otari Radar-II, Otari MX-5050, Alesis ADAT
Interfaces: ProTools HD & LE, Cubase SX2, Logic 7